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Tucepi BeachNearby City

Tucepi Beach

1 Reviews
295.7km from Zagreb ·
"Tučepi, who wanted to settle down once, has been to various beaches, beaches and the like, each with its own characteristics, this time I finally took the opportunity to come to this place called Tučepi, of course there are beautiful beaches, but here What attracts me most is not when the beach first arrived here, wow, it feels like the world in the comics, the atmosphere of life is very strong, in front of the endless blue sea and blue sky, behind are rows of neat residential areas, small villas and so on. The roofs are all the same orange-red, in sharp contrast with the beach and sea water, and in harmony. Behind the residential area are lush trees and so on, like a warm and powerful arm that embraces the people here and this beautiful waters. Of course, you can choose to play on the beach and enjoy the sun. It is very pleasant. There are roads on the beach and in front of rows of houses. Boats of all sizes are neatly parked in the water. It must be cool to go to sea. On the beach After having fun, we chose to take the boat. The boat didn’t drive very fast. I didn’t take the boat very much. I was very excited at the first time. It won’t work after a long time. I feel a little dizzy, like in a cradle. It seems that the water is moving, and nothing doesn't turn around, but the sea breeze is indeed very comfortable, and the beach just now has a special flavor. Small tips1. It’s open all day, it’s very convenient to eat and everything. If you drive by car, there are enough parking spaces. 2. If you choose to take a boat or something, don’t go if you are dizzy. The whole person is dizzy. It’s also good to play on the beach"