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HonoluluNearby City


4.7/5142 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Hawaii Can't Miss Attractions
72m from Honolulu ·
"What a nice day~Everything is ready, start our North Shore driving trip! Our original itinerary had a lot of scenic spots to go to, but it was not enough for a day to actually operate, so we decided to go where we wanted to go while driving. Kailua Beach ParkObama’s favorite beach is located in the east of Oahu. The white sand is very soft. The only drawback is that there are too many tourists to play. Laie Point Laie Point is a must-visit attraction on North Shore. I like the sea and sky here. Young people love to jump off the cliff here. Turtle Bay Beach is located on the sandy beach of Turtle Bay Beach Resort. I have the opportunity to see sea turtles and monk seals. Although I have not seen anything... I have been playing in this resort for a long time~ I arrived at Sunset Beach after three in the afternoon. Not many, the sunset can’t wait, and the waves are a must. The waves are wild and make people want to surf. After Haleiwa came out of Sunset Beach, feeling the weather was not so good, so he went straight to the small town of Haleiwa. It is completely different from Honolulu. It is not prosperous but full of life. The decoration of the shop is very distinctive and suitable for taking pictures. Came here to check in Matsumoto Shave Ice and KUA AINA Burgers, although the taste is not amazing, it is worth the trip. You must pay attention to safety when traveling by car, and choose insurance. Life is precious. Only when you cherish yourself can you have the opportunity to see the world more."
Haleiwa TownNearby City

Haleiwa Town

4.3/539 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Hawaii Beautiful Beaches
41km from Honolulu ·
"Starting from Waikiki, Honolulu, all the way north to the small town of Haleiwa, the most beautiful scenery is on the road. On the road, the two of them drove open mustangs, enjoying the speed and passion, watching the North Shore sea, and getting off the car at any time to play. This is the charm of self-driving~ The original plan for self-driving in the US during the Spring Festival this year was delayed by YQ and cancelled all orders. Recalling my last self-driving experience in Hawaii, the United States, cloud travel... I booked the open-top Mustang in advance for about RMB 800 a day. The color cannot be chosen. The color is randomly given at the store on the same day, and the black open-top Mustang was finally given. The cars I saw in the dealership were basically dark, and I didn’t see a bright one, which is also strange... Living in Waikiki, the address is in the International Market Place mall. It is very convenient to find. After returning the car, I was in the mall. Buy, buy, buy~~~ Take pictures immediately after getting the car, especially where there is damage. Fill up the gas before returning the car, support unionpay payment! When returning the car, empty all the items in the car, especially valuables. There is no navigation in the car. It is recommended to bring an extra mobile phone to download the google map, and you can use the selfie stick to hold the mobile navigation."