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Diamond BeachNearby City

Diamond Beach

4.5/5143 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Koh Samet Can't Miss Attractions
21.1km from Pattaya ·
"We bought a round-trip ticket at Bangkok Station to go to Koh Samet, 306B one person. The ticket seller repeatedly reminded, "You must take the seat according to the seat number." We got in the car and found that there were very few people and there were many empty seats. When we were about to sit casually in accordance with the "Chinese custom", the crash came. Ask our number. Then took us to the numbered position and sat down. There were no service personnel on the way, and the entire 48-seater cart only had 5. or 6 people, but everyone was quite obedient. There is no room to disrupt order. This is really a good habit. It's just that the speed of the cart is so slow, I guess the speed is about 40M per hour. We arrived at the dock at about 6 o'clock. We bought round-trip tickets and got on the boat. Just saw the scene of the sun setting. Everyone picked up the camera card and wiped the card. The endless sea, the afterglow of the setting sun. Feeling so free. I drove for about half an hour and arrived at the destination. We got off the boat and got on a TUTU car. 20b one person drove us to the hotel booked in advance. Samed Island is a long-shaped island. Most of the low-priced accommodations are in a forest park. So you have to pay environmental taxes when you enter the park. If you are not getting off the TUTU car, not a big bag, no one will force you to pay this tax. It is good to report an island hopping tour locally. Several unknown islands are particularly pleasant. You need to take a speedboat. The speedboat is not a normal bumpy ride. It almost threw me to the ground several times, which was quite exciting. After we arrived, it was very uncomfortable to snorkel and swim. I really hope I can live on the island for two more days, even if I get a black egg."