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Lady of RockNearby City

Lady of Rock

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"Churches and Cathedrals"
9.7km from Kotor ·
"I went to the island of Notre Dame on the Rock to experience the European style. I read about this ultra-niche tourist check-in point on the island of Notre Dame on the Rock. It was a coincidence that the tour group I reported happened to pass by this place. The museum on the island has a collection of many artworks and items with local folk customs, which is an eye-opener, really great! The scenery on the island If you go to the island of Our Lady on the Rock, you will definitely go to the Church of Our Lady on the Rock. I have to say that this church is still worth seeing. You can see exquisite murals in the church, but the light is not good. There is a picture embroidered with human hair on the second floor of the church. The tour guide introduced the story of this painting to us. I can't remember the specific content. Roughly a girl embroidered the picture with her hair until she was grey-haired. There are a lot of artworks on the second floor of the church, don't miss it. I suggest that you also sign up for a tour group to get a good understanding of the story of this island, this church and this painting. Tips: Tickets are not required for the island, but the ferry to the island costs 3 euros, and the museum on the island costs 2 euros. Photographing: The island is picturesque and beautiful along the way. Don’t stop taking photos. Opening hours: 3 throughout the year From January to November, because it is on the island, you may not be able to ferry to the island due to the weather. Friends who want to go must pay attention to the travel weather souvenirs: the island sells beautiful handicrafts because of the time with the tour group It’s tight, I couldn’t buy it (cries inside)"