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Rottnest IslandNearby City

Rottnest Island

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Ranked #1 in Rottnest Island Can't Miss Attractions
36.9km from Shoalwater ·
"If you come to Western Australia, you must not miss a stop. When the weather is good, it's a paradise on earth, and all photos are postcards. If you catch up with bad weather, the beautiful scenery will be greatly inferior. It is recommended to check the weather and modify the travel plan according to the actual situation. However, you can also learn from me and plan the last 2 days to increase the probability of encountering good weather. During the two days we were on the island, our character exploded, the sky was beautiful every day, and we saw countless small animals along the way. Of course, one of the highlights of this trip to this island is to meet the "island owner Quokka" (wallaby). Why is it called the owner of the island? Because this island is named after this little kangaroo, "Rottnest means mouse nest", so this island is also called Mouse Island. This cute little creature with a smile is not afraid of people at all, but because of being misunderstood as a "rat" and experiencing the cruel game of "dwarf kangaroo football" invented by sadists, a large number of them have been tortured and killed. There are less than 10,000 living on this island. This island has always been a playground for local families in Perth. It is only 19 kilometers away from Fremantle. There are no cars here, and it is exquisite. It is surrounded by beaches. It takes about 22 kilometers to ride around the island. It takes about 5 minutes to ride and play -7 hours. The most people choose to go back and forth on the same day, take the first boat to come, and the last boat back, and spend 6-7 hours on the island. If you want to see more beautiful scenery and experience it slowly, the best way is to stay for one night."