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Double Moon Bay

Double Moon Bay

4.3/51491 Reviews
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Ranked #2 in Huizhou Can't Miss Attractions
78.6km from city centre
"1️⃣ Traffic & #128663: Shuangyuewan is on an island in Huidong County, Huizhou City, near the sea. From the Pearl River Delta, the traffic is still more convenient, there is a direct high-speed access. When we went, the traffic on the island was still under construction. There was some congestion. It was recommended that friends go to avoid the peak period. 😂😂2️⃣ Accommodation &#127968: We stayed in a hotel about 1 km from the sea. It was a new hotel and there was no sea, because my wife was afraid of the waves. If you need to enjoy the sea view all the time, it is recommended to stay at the beach. All apartment-style hotels. 3️⃣ Beautiful view &#127800: This location is more unique, it looks like two moons back to back, so it is called Shuangyue Bay. The development of the seaside is OK. More spacious. Suitable for taking pictures. 4️⃣ Food &#129367: There are many good places. But not at the beach, it is recommended to drive to a nearby 2 kilometers to eat, there are many characteristics. Especially recommend that everyone must eat oysters, the one we chose is particularly good, the entrance is instant 😍🥰🥰😘5️⃣ entertainment 🛶: There are fireworks at night on the beach. You can do airships, beach cars and fireworks at night during the day. Very beautiful. 6️⃣ Night view & #127905;: In the evening, blowing the night wind, eating barbecue, listening to the sound of the waves, it is really a beauty of life & #128104; ‍ & #128105; ‍ & #128102; ‍👦🦹‍♀️ & #129500; ‍♀️"