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Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

4.5/550 Reviews
"City Park"
Ranked #14 in New York Great Urban Parks
14.2km from city centre
"New York Niche Park: Flushing Corona Meadow Park How free I am to find this park which has almost no reviews on the Internet I was walking on the streets of Flushing, and I opened the map to search for nearby attractions (I usually play this way, the principle of proximity) and then I jumped out of the Flushing Corona Meadow Park. There is no comment, only the address, and it looks quite large. Yes, go check it out and talk about it ❗ So, I accidentally met this second largest park in New York (I found out after checking the information, disrespectful and disrespectful) So I was attracted by the scenery there ❗❗ Although it is not as good as Central Park, the location is good, and the scenery is everywhere, this grassy park has its own style. This is the place where the World Expo was held in 1964. The signature stainless steel globe sculpture has existed for decades ~ now it is the most obvious landmark in Queens. The movie "Men in Black" was also shot here There are so few tourists, maybe it’s cold and they are still sleeping at around 8 o’clock in the morning. There are about less than 10 people and four or five dogs (half of them are shovelers). A quiet lake, with dozens of seagulls standing on the edge of the lake, and then the leading bird flapped its wings, and a large group of birds flew out for a walk, and then flew back collectively after a while. This scene went back and forth, I sat alone and watched it for a long time and I didn’t get tired Address: Flushing Meadows Corona Park Queens, NY Traffic Strategy: Line 7 Mets/Willets Point-Subway Station ⏰Business hours: all day Tickets: None Estimated play time: 2 hours Recommended: Practical tips 1⃣️If you go in autumn and winter, you must wear more clothes, the wind thief is big 2⃣️There are so many squirrels there. They are very courageous. You can bring some bread to feed. 3⃣️The globe and the javelin thrower are the characteristics there, you can go and see. The park is very big (otherwise it ranks the second largest), and there are few places to buy things. I haven't seen it after shopping for more than two hours. It is recommended to bring some dry food, snacks and water. 4⃣️I believe it will be more popular here in summer. You can bring a picnic mat and bring your baby to the park to eat and drink~"