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 Zhangjiajie Romance ParkClosed

 Zhangjiajie Romance Park

4.7/5557 Reviews
"Theme Park"
Ranked #3 in Zhangjiajie Memorable Performances
247.9km from Yueyang County · Zhangjiajie
"Have been to Zhangjiajie many times, each time, will have new harvest, this is no exception. This is my fourth time in Zhangjiajie. I used to go to Zhangjiajie Scenic Area to see the scenery. This time I came to Zhangjiajie's ancient scene area. I feel Zhangjiajie in another way and feel the true meaning of the journey. . . the gate of the scenic spot is still very powerful. Two rows of birds and animals surrounded by the totem columns on both sides, the central monumental statue of the goddess of the ancient love, the charm of leisure. Zhangjiajie ancient love has incorporated the local folk culture, with a strong national customs, from the time to reach the scenic spot can feel at a glance. In the ancient scenes of Zhangjiajie, you can feel the charm of the non-legacy culture up close. Taoyuan secret inside the corpse house, Zhenyou call rain storm hall and other high-tech experience projects are very will experience! Summer has come, in order to give everyone a full holiday, Zhangjiajie has launched "top stunts", "zombies run fast", "Pear Garden Competition Spring" and other performances, recently every day in the scenic spot on a rotating show. Zhangjiajie's ancient scene area is only 5 minutes drive from Wulingyuan core scenic spot, Baofeng Lake and Huanglong Cave scenic spot, so the location is also very good! After going to the scenic spot, come here to see the show, it is very comfortable. Zhangjiajie's ancient scenes combine the natural beauty of Zhangjiajie, rooted in the local culture of Zhangjiajie, we can appreciate the magical beauty of Zhangjiajie, but also can feel the original beauty, mystery and humanistic beauty of the ancient Zhangjiajie and the contemporary Zhangjiajie. Before entering the scenic spot, remember to take a program form in the tourist hall. The biggest attraction in the ageing scene area is the performance of each time period, each scene is very wonderful, and the performance time period of the scenic spot will be adjusted according to the ageing performance. Next we will go to see the performance of Zhangjiajie's ancient love theater! The performance took us through the ages, as if they were in the time machine, creating a large-scale song and dance "Zhangjiajie's ancient love" and the strange mountains and waters of Zhangjiajie. The effect of the stage like a dream in Zhangjiajie's ancient love on the stage of the fire pure, with me into a cultural grand ceremony, really felt a spiritual baptism. There are many places in the world with karst landform, Yadan landform, lava landform, Danxia landform... but only one Zhangjiajie landform, in Zhangjiajie. Take this beautiful landscape of Zhangjiajie onto the stage, bring the ancient mysterious Western Hunan culture to everyone, help us find out the heart of the peach blossom source, but only "Zhangjiajie's ancient love" it... The electric water-splash festival is also very good, in this situation, you will relieve your social pressure, Forget everything, and follow the music to move, Zhangjiajie's ancient scene area with the electric sound and splash water, gave me unprecedented relaxation!"