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Lianyun Mountain Xiagu DriftClosed

Lianyun Mountain Xiagu Drift

4.6/5150 Reviews
Ranked #6 in Pingjiang Can't Miss Attractions
92.5km from Yueyang County ·
"In the hot summer, you can go to ~ punch card | Lianyunshan Grand Canyon Fantasy Drifting ^ Originally, this is Li Jiabin's hometown, and it is a good mountain and water show, and friends of the company reported a tour group to come here to rafting, the whole rafting process is very enjoyable, stimulating and safe ~ ticket price: Weekend 💰388, weekday 288 from Changsha Jintai Square at 8 o'clock to the destination about 2 hours, 10 o'clock to the scenic spot after the arrangement of a tour, noon travel agency arranged to eat farmhouse music, the dishes are all natural farmers uncle species, fresh ingredients, I ate two bowls of rice 😂 Rest for a while and change clothes around one o'clock. I sat on the sightseeing bus of the scenic spot and got the starting point of the rafting at the top of the mountain. The whole rafting 1.5 hours or so. I saw people on the way. The saying is good. I don't know each other. Adults and children are born to love rafting and playing water. When you are in water, you will be happy 😍Suggested ‼️‼️‼️1, you must do a good job of sun protection, fortunately we are not particularly sun-screened this time, but sunscreen has been applied three layers, just in case 😔2, you must bring a splatter with water, it is best to be steel, it is very powerful, the water gun is just installed 😂3, The mobile phone has a waterproof case to record the rafting process, leaving a good memory 4, after the drifting, must buy a cup of ginger tea to warm your body and protect yourself, because the spring water is really cold ~ After the rafting, there will be a sightseeing car to take back to the rest area to arrange a bath 🚿 shower gel 🧴 wash Hair, hair dryer 🈶 Oh, if I want to score this rafting, I will give 9.5 points, and 0.5 to add it next time I go to play [Victory] [Victory] # Changsha surrounding rafting # Yueyang Pingjiang rafting # Li Jiabin punches in the rafting"