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South Mt. Wudang Tourist AttractionsNearby City

South Mt. Wudang Tourist Attractions

4.5/5538 Reviews
"Geological Sites"
Ranked #1 in Longnan Can't Miss Attractions
91.3km from Dongyuan ·
一路 向北
"The magic and spectacular Xiaowudang Mountain was formed in Paleozoic, the peaks of Xiuyan Group, and is located at the edge of the Jiulian Mountain fault zone in the border of Yiyuan. It is a typical Danxia landform. The traffic of Xiaowudang Mountain is very convenient. National Highway 105 runs through the whole territory. Longnan County and Guangdong Lianping County, Heping County, 44 kilometers, 250 kilometers from Guangzhou, Shenzhen 300 kilometers, 180 kilometers from Luzhou City. Features project 1, glass skybridge glass skybridge is a bright spot in Xiaowudang Mountain, across the deep valley, thrilling, for modern architecture. 2. Glass plank road is another highlight of Xiaowudang Mountain, the cliff gives visitors different experience for modern architecture. 3. Glass Xuantai Glass Xuantai is also a big highlight of Xiaowudang Mountain. On the cliff, the summit of the high mountains, there is no view of the beauty of the mountains, for modern architecture. Scenic area big ticket 🎫1, double ticket online reservation 130 yuan, convenient to pick up the ticket. 2. Another charge item: a, three sections of glass plank road 30 yuan / person b, sightseeing car 10 yuan / person c, glass slide 30 / person 🏠 environmental facilities: scenic route is clear, the mountain steps and plank road are wide and clean. Each attraction has a pay-as-you-go machine, and there are resting gazebos and snacks along the way. Even if you are empty-handed, you can't buy supplies. ⌚️ play time: 4 hours free travel. ❤️ Tips: Anti-insect water with one, umbrella and cap 🧢"