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Shimen National Park

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"National Park"
Ranked #5 in Conghua District Can't Miss Attractions
99.8km from Dongyuan ·
"2021.10.2, drive from Guangzhou to Fossil Gate National Forest Park at 8 o'clock in the morning, and it will arrive at 1 hour and 10 minutes. In the scenic area, you need to test the temperature and wear a mask. The elderly need to check their ID card for free tickets and enjoy 20% off the adult holiday. This place is specially designed for self-driving. The scenic area is too big, almost all of it is driven. It is really all year round to come, see different flowers, taste different fruits. It is said that it is the season to see a hundred flowers and pick oranges. At 9:30, after entering the scenic gate, there will be a fork in the intersection, go to the right to "Shizao Scenic Area", Yulin Hongye (notice that Hongli Lake is not here), Tianchi Flower Sea, Aquatic Botanical Garden, Forest Bathing, Bamboo Sea and so on. Go to the left of the intersection to "Shimen Scenic Area", Hongli Lake, Taohuayuan, Yaoshimen, Shimen Xiangxue, Shimen Yarn and so on are here. See the pictures for other points. First went to Shizao Scenic Area. At 10:00, I went to Tianchi Huahai Parking Lot. There are many cars on vacation. Staff will guide the car to the big parking lot and then walk a section to Huahai, not far. It is estimated that when there are fewer people, the car can be driven to the small parking lot next to Huahai. After seeing the flower sea, remember to continue to go a few hundred meters to see the aquatic plants, then don't hesitate, continue to go a hundred meters to the entrance of the forest baths. We went to the bath at 11:30, and there were no people before and after. The negative oxygen ion was super rich and the environment was quiet...The bath path is about 1250 meters. When approaching the exit, you can pay attention to the small entrance on the right to the large stone door bamboo sea, which is really a large area. Go to the stone door scenic spot to play in the afternoon. From the Tianchi Huahai to Shimen Yarn, it takes more than 40 minutes to drive. Although there are many shallow streams along the way, the real suitable for play is still peach blossom source. There are a lot of parking spaces next to the water but can't hold so many cars during the holiday. You should listen to the staff. If you park nearby, you will find that you are walking 50 meters to 400 meters. It is highly recommended to bring a swimsuit, snorkeling shoes or sandals, towels, spare dry clothes, and fishing tools. Adults, besides stepping on water shoes, it is best to bring a change of laundry. [Please do not leave garbage, do not take stones, small fish, do not wash things in water with chemicals, even in contact with the body parts of the sunscreen to protect this rare water-friendly place. In contrast, Shimen Yarn is not suitable for water play, but and two hundred-year-old trees up a forest wonderland, very beautiful. Bring water and snacks yourself is better. Dry food can be brought. I don't want to bring it. It's okay, just near the junction of Shizao Shimen, many farms, it seems that there is also fireworks. It's best to drive into the scenic spot and pay attention to find it, keep the phone, and book in advance. I plan to see Manshan Red Leaf in winter 🍁~"