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International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

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Ranked #2 in Geneva Must-Visit Museums
3.3km from city centre
"Geneva is a very international city. Many international organizations are headquartered in Geneva, which may be due to Switzerland's neutral status. Several ceasefire and armistice negotiations are preferred to be held in Geneva. Geneva seems to be synonymous with "peace." … Geneva does make people feel calm and gentle, probably because there are not many pedestrians and tourists on Saturdays and holidays. The headquarters of the International Red Cross is built on a high slope. It is not luxurious from the outside. However, it is the center of global relief and charity activities. Numerous refugees and victims of wars and natural disasters have been helped by the International Red Cross. The Palais des Nations is a famous building in Geneva. It is the headquarters of the United Nations Office in Europe. The flags of all nations represent his status. There is a famous sculpture on the square opposite the Palais des Nations. A giant wooden chair more than ten meters high has a broken leg and stands on three legs in the middle of the square. It is very eye-catching and enough to arouse people's curiosity. It is a memorial sculpture established by the International Disabled Persons’ Federation in 1997 to call attention to the damage caused by landmines to civilians during the war. The works remind people of the importance of war that endangers peace. Stopping war and cherishing peace should be the common aspiration of mankind. This may be the appeal of art."