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"Historical Site"
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""As long as the Colosseum stands, Rome will not move. Once the Colosseum is over, Rome will fall; once Rome falls, the world will be over." The historian Peter's famous remark is the most vivid interpretation of the Colosseum's importance. The Colosseum is the most unparalleled presence of all ancient Roman sites, like a hill in a hollow at the top, rising up straight into a pale blue sky. Inside, apart from the size of the building itself, it still seems to reverberate with the roar of the fierce beasts and the cheer of the audience. It was in this bloody period that the audience was actually seated at the top of the table, where the gladiators fought to the death, and the scenes of fever were so common that they could not be as touching as they are today as a ruin. The central area can even be turned into a lake for water fights, which closed in the 6th century AD because of the decline of the Roman Empire. After more than 2,000 years, the skeleton was left over as a quarry of travertine and marble, damaged by numerous earthquakes, fires and wars. But it still exists, when you travel in Italy, walk the streets of Rome, from many places can look at this amphitheater, in the night, it is a true romantic architecture; In the morning and evening, the shock of this huge amphitheater will definitely become eternal in your heart! Although the inventory can be sent for a long time, hh, I still hope that the epidemic abroad will be better as soon as possible, everyone can go out to play, collect more world beauty"