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21.9km from city centre
"My rating: [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] [Star] West Sichuan Travel | 4 hours by car to reach the secret of West Sichuan to see the beauty of the world! Kangding Love Song 🎵 should be heard by everyone, I have been yearning for it since I was a child! Before driving for seven or eight hours, Yakang Expressway is now open. It can arrive from Chengdu in only 3.5 hours, and return in a weekend! From now on, the plateau Haizi and the snowy mountains meadow are no longer remote. ~-🔸 Western Sichuan secrets, please remember the strategy! 🚘Self-driving navigation "Mugecuo Scenic Area", there is a parking lot at the gate of the scenic spot, which is especially convenient! 🎫 Scenic Area Tickets: 105/person, Sightseeing Car: 90/person 🈺Time: 8:00~18:00(16:30 stop to enter the park) ‼️ Scenic Area Suggestions to play for about 4 hours. From the top to the bottom of the sightseeing car, all the way to the wilderness sea (Mugecuo) at 3700 meters above sea level, and from the scenic gate to Mugecuo there are about half an hour of Panshan Road, there is a high altitude reaction and easy car sick friends remember to prepare relevant drugs! -🔸 Classic travel along the line, all must not be missed! There are 4 parking points in Mugecuo Scenic Area, respectively, Mugecuo, Red Rock Beach, Omacuo, Seven Color Sea! 1⃣️ Mugecuo: It is a beautiful plateau sea, the core attraction of Mugecuo, also known as the Wilderness Sea. When the weather is sunny, you can still look at Gongga Snow Mountain! 2⃣️ Red Stone Beach: The unique scenery in western Sichuan, the red stone photo is particularly shocking! ⚠️The distance from Hongshi Beach to Omacuo is very close. If you like to take pictures, you can walk and take a walk down ~3⃣️Omacuo: It is Mugecuo's natural hot spring ♨️At present, you can only soak your feet, and there is a soothing fish therapy. Here, you also see the cute squirrel 🐿️4⃣️Seven color sea: This sea is a large lawn on the edge of the sea, and many unknown flowers on the plateau are blooming. The lotus snow mountain clouds and fog on the edge are really the wonderland in the painting ~-"