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Yangjiang Kite Museum

Yangjiang Kite Museum

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916m from city centre
"Back to Yangjiang's home is always lazy to drive out the most occasionally go downstairs. This walk walked into the Wuhu Park next to the home •# Wuhu is the largest artificial lake in Yangjiang City. The natural temperature regulating lake is adjacent to the lake. There is Wuhu Park, # Nanguo Kite Farm, Foshan Guangdong Yangjiang Kite Pavilion and other •"South there is Yangjiang, North there is Weifang" This is a generalization of the Chinese kite world Yangjiang is also named "China Kite Town" Nanguo Kite Pavilion has been built in 1991 to accommodate tens of thousands of people and fly kites here every year. There will be a kite competition over the floating a variety of strange shapes of large "unknown objects" that are driven by the "Kite Country" folk masters • My goose said that when I was very young, the first thing I thought of organizing activities was that the Lake Biwa Park could be barbecued, sketched, and painted before. Boating, playing games and now being better repaired is a landscape park Yangjiang citizens like to come here • More than us like it is undoubtedly Bobi. Every time I come, I am smiling and untied on the uninhabited grass. He is like dislocating. The wild horse runs wildly without retaining a little physical strength and finally stretches his tongue to enjoy the return: free location: traffic bus 24, Dongfeng 3rd road, Jiangcheng District, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province: bus and motorcycle to Wuhu Park Station: There are paid parking lots | Yangjiang Travel | Yangjiang local | Yangjiang Leisure | Yangjiang Life | Yangjiang · Guangdong "