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Feilong Temple

Feilong Temple

25 Reviews
26.2km from city centre
Ling Chik
"There is a jade dolphin mountain in Dongping Town, Yangjiang City, and there is a Feilong Temple on the mountain. The jade dolphin mountain is surrounded by the sea on three sides, such as the blue sea boating, which is the meaning of the Buddha's words "ci Hang Pudu". Unlike the general temples in China, Feilong Temple is built on a peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides. The scenery is particularly beautiful and is known as the "Yangjiang Little Forbidden City". Temple has Tianwang Hall, Yuantong Baodian, Tibetan Jing Pavilion, Bell Tower, Drum Tower and other halls. The main building Yuantong Baodian is magnificent and magnificent, carving beams and paintings. Buddha statues are in a thousand postures, lively, and everywhere shows the exquisite craftsmen's skills. The temple is constantly incense and tourists are constantly flocking. Because not only can worship Buddha, there are invincible sea views around, you can see the beach in the distance, the windmill on the mountain, Feilong Temple has become a new highlight of Dongping tourism. About shooting: Aerial photographs can take panoramic views of the temple and the peninsula, but the wind is relatively large. The yellow walls of the temple are suitable for background portraits, with the feeling of the Forbidden City. There are also two symmetrical corridors that can be photographed deeply. Address: Yudoushan Seashore Park, Yangdong District, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province Open Time: 6:00-19:00 Tickets: No #New opening method of the city #These domestic islands are awesome #Net red punch card place"