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Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park

4.9/512 Reviews
"City Park"
3.2km from city centre
"Longyan's most historic and unique landmark park Zhongshan Park is the world's largest number, the most widely distributed park of the same name, "Zhongshan Park" four words condense the modern China century history, also experienced the changes of the world. Longyan Zhongshan Park is a local landmark park, I believe that basically every Longyan people have been to. Longyan Zhongshan Park is located in the central Meiting Mountain site of Silla District, Longyan City, which was built in 1927 years. The park was originally Meiting Mountain Garden of the Lin family. After the expansion and reconstruction of 1998, the park was composed of three scenic spots: Meiting Mountain, Water Lawn and Street Center Square. "Wuting Tower, Bridge, Cave, and Mountain", which is not only the landscape, but also the "Wuting Tower and Tower", which is a combination of Chinese and Western architecture, namely, the Red Pavilion, the Zhongshan Pavilion, the Civil Rights Pavilion, the Democratic Pavilion, the People's Living Pavilion and the Optimum Tower, is built with the monkey cave rockery, the carved dragon spraying water, the Hongqiao in the pond, etc. It carries the memory and the story of the dragon rock people from generation to generation. On the day of Longyan, after visiting the Memorial of Revolutionary Martyrs in Western Hunan and Comrade Mao Zhedong in Longyan's former residence, he came here. Although the park is not big, it is very special. The style is Chinese style, Russian style and Greek style. Even the contrast of color is red, yellow and blue, etc. To show his alternative personality. Ryuyan Nakayama Park has also had a glorious past, 1929 6 8, the Red Fourth Army 2nd attack on the dragon rock castle, in the park four corner Tei held a conspicuous meeting, announced the establishment of the first red regime of dragon rock. Longyan Zhongshan Park not only has "Wuting-one-ta", but also "one pool, one cave, one sheep", "pool" means lotus pond; "hole" means a ancient maple tree trunk hollow, inside formed a large hole; "sheep" for stone sheep, mascot. You come here to play, have you found it? Zhongshan Park is not only a traditional Chinese garden architecture style, but also compatible with the exotic style of Russia, Greece, Egypt, and so on. It is unique among the numerous Zhongshan Parks in the world, and even praised by modern gardenists as a model of Lingnan garden architecture. To say which park of Longyan is worth the most, there is no doubt that Zhongshan Park is the first choice for most people! Tourist tips: Longyan Zhongshan Park Address: No. 25 Heping Road, Xinluo District, Longyan City; Transportation: the fastest taxi; bus [Street Garden] stop off. Play guide: Longyan Zhongshan Park and Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street, the first spring of Silla, Mao and Zhedong Comrade in Longyan former residence, the former site of the Red Army and the Red Army Command, the Republic's financial cradle, the West Bank of Industry and Agriculture are very close to the sights, you can combine them. Food Strategy: Zhongshan Road and Jiuyi North Road on the local old-fashioned food is quite a lot, it is recommended as follows: Zhongshan Road Old Masses Qingtang powder, Shangpin Shijia, Street Xindouhua Shop, Wangji Huangchun Beef Shop, Xiangji Beef Shop, Old Sannai Beef Maru, colorful Lane Bean Flower, Qiuju Smoked Duck Noodle, Guangdong Meixiang Lingzai rice, Chen Li Xiangyou Cake Shop, Xingke Dumpling, Wujia Yao, Dou Peanut fried package, Taiwanese roasted powdered Young, True Bean Flower, Gold Shacha Noodle, Golden North Old Noodle Steam, Binyuan Pastry, Xiaobing Li Dagong, Old White Earth Characteristics Shop, Qin Jie bowl Laizi, Shanxi Dao Cutter Noodle, Shaxian Fenrouwang, Bunshidi, A Bin roast pig, duck porridge family piece skin duck."