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Zhongyang Suqu (Minxi) Lishi Museum

Zhongyang Suqu (Minxi) Lishi Museum

4.6/56 Reviews
3.1km from city centre
"The Witness of the Republic's Red Cradle Longyan, commonly known as Xiangxi, is a famous old revolutionary district in China, hometown of the Red Army, the cradle of generals and generals, and also a revolutionary fortress in the Central Soviet District. Many people know the city's past life and present life, it is from the Central Soviet District (Xiangxi) history museum. The revolutionary history museum in the central Soviet district (West Hunan) and the revolutionary martyr memorial hall in Western Hunan are the same building. The main building of the museum is in the pine and cypresses, which are especially tall. Into the front hall, the first thing that comes to mind is the red torch in the center, "the spark of the fire, can be a tundra" eight large words glow. In the exhibition hall, you will find a comprehensive revolutionary museum that reflects the history of the revolution in Western Hunan and highlights the history of the Central Soviet District (West Hunan). The main exhibitions include the basic display of Red Hunan and the famous red earth in Western Hunan, and the Central Soviet District Fujian. It is divided into 6 special exhibition areas, such as "Red Star Fire, Tanyuan Xiangxi", "Red Land, Creating Great Business", "Red Theory", "Long March Start", "Red Flag Still Down", "Red Cradle", "Gong Liqiu", Let you deeply understand the red Xiangxi's hard and brilliant revolutionary history. Visiting the special exhibition areas, listening to the docents to tell the history of one precious cultural relic and one historical photograph in the pavilion, the important birthplace of China's agrarian revolution, the initial formation of Mao Zedong Thought, the practical base of the Party's first study of governing the country and government, etc. The red classics, even the first uniform dress, the first night school for women, the first industrial and agricultural bank and so on, "first", witness Xiangxi is worthy of the Republic "red cradle". After the visit, I finally understood why Xiangxi called "Central Soviet District", and received a spiritual baptism of revolutionary spirit. West Hunan is an important source of the Red Army, and the revolutionary fortress of the Red Banner. The people of Western Hunan made important contributions to the Chinese revolution and made great sacrifices. When the Red Army Long March started, 2.8 Wanxi children went out to the expedition, only 2,000 people remained in Northern Shaanxi... A hopeful nation can't have no hero, a promising country can't have no vanguard. Heroes, in the heart of the leader, the people's heroes will never die! Tip: Central Suqu (West Hunan) History Museum Address: No. 51, Beihuan West Road, Xinluo District, Longyan City, Fujian Province; Tickets: free; Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday (morning 8:15- 11:45, afternoon 14:45- 17:15), closed every Monday; Transportation: except driving; bus [Yujinyuan (West Xiangxi History Museum)] stop off. Visiting guide: Lines of Revolutionary History: General Liu Yalou, the first Air Force Commander. General Yang Chengwu, during the Sino-Japanese War, commanded the Loess Ridge Battle to kill the Japanese Lieutenant General Abe Kishu used the telescope. The Ming Dynasty Longquan porcelain bottle is well preserved. The script of "dojogen" is a Chinese drama written by Kei Ryo in 1863."