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Plaza de Toros Monumental de Barcelona

Plaza de Toros Monumental de Barcelona

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"Historical Site"
"Historical Architecture"
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1.8km from city centre
"The city of Barcelona abolished bullfighting and the former Arena bullfighting arena was transformed into a pure commercial center. The location is right at the arenas de barcelona shopping mall in the roundabout of Plaza España. There is a very good outdoor view from the outdoor sightseeing ladder to the top observation deck for one euro to see the city. There is a huge red building Arena of Barcelona in the center of Plaza Espanya roundabout. It was the bullfighting arena here before the abolition of bullfighting in Barcelona, but now it has been transformed into a beautiful shopping mall. Although many strategies have not introduced the situation of ARENA, at least in my opinion, this is the commercial project I have seen in Spain that is closest to the model of a domestic shopping mall. The interior is divided into the first floor, three floors above the ground, and a studio on the top floor. Among them, the open-air observation deck on the top floor is a highlight. For 1 euro, you can go up from the outdoor tourist elevator or the indoor flying escalator to enjoy the city view. From the nearby urban high-rise streets and green spaces to the mountain harbour on the edge of the city in the distance, including characteristic attractions like the Sagrada Familia, the National Museum, and the Olympic Mountain, you can have a panoramic view. You can view the scenery, you can have coffee and wine, and you can tan (Europeans enjoy the sun and can tan), which caters to their lazy life attitude. In accordance with the pattern of a circular arena, the interior is transformed into a circle with circular shops, a cross passage in the middle, and a hollow atrium. Because the single floor is very high, there are only four commercial floors in such a large space plus underground, and one of the entire floors is a cinema. The volume is small and the utilization is completely insufficient. It is a violent thing to put it in the north, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, where the land and the gold are all. Not to mention the brand, the most impressive is the retail store called FNAC, which occupies more than half a floor underground, with a bookstore, electrical appliance store, and a coffee bar. It is a large-scale retail chain in Europe. Compared with the deserted and artistic temperament of MareMagnum, this location is closer to the city center and close to the subway station. The flow of people in and out and stranded is obviously dense, and the commercial atmosphere is stronger, but it is always close to Plaza Catalunya and La Rambla. Compared with mature business districts, they are much inferior."