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Chestnut Mountain ResortNearby City

Chestnut Mountain Resort

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"Outdoor skiing"
289.2km from Springfield · Rice Township
"The Beijing Winter Olympics have been a big hit in recent days. Before the snow season, we should arrange a snow sports this weekend. Although there are not many snow fields around Chicago, these places can still enjoy a small skiing addiction: (The following rankings are not in any order, welcome to add) Illinois Chestnut Mountain Resort8700 W Chestnut Mountain Rd, Galena, IL 19 different snow trails from Chicago 🚗 3hr. The snowfield is small but the experience is excellent. You can see the Mississippi River on the cable car. One day's lift + renting snow sets of about $100. Skiing Xiaobai can book courses. The snow place in Galina is a treasure-retro town, suitable for the weekend getaway Wisconsin Granite Peak Ski Resort227200 Snowbird Dr, Wausau, WI from Chicago 🚗 4hr. This snow field is the most frequent I go to, the most time there are 74 snow trails, meet various levels, a day package is about $100, One-on-one private teaching is also about $120, compared to the price of some East-West ski resorts, it is very touching Wisconsin Alpine Valley ResortW2501 County Road, Elkhorn, WI from Chicago 🚗 2hr This is the highest spot in Chicago's snow circle. It is suitable for friends with a certain ski base, and there are many advanced roads. The experience is very good for the old driver, which means that it is not impossible to flip and turn like frog Princess Gu Ailing. (Bushi Wisconsin Wilmot Mountain Resort11931 Fox River Rd,Wilmot, WI from Chicago 🚗1.5hr can buy Epic Pass or directly buy a cable car ticket for the snowfield. Snow tubing skiing can also be played by skiing partners, 20 or 30 yuan can experience the fun of the mountaintop dive Michigan Mt. Brighton Ski Resort4141 Bauer Rd, Brighton, MI from Chicago 🚗 4hr Michigan except for autumn maple viewing, summer summer, winter ice and snow sports are also wonderful. Mt Brighton is a snowfield with a good experience and snow in the Midwest. The proportion of intermediate roads is the highest. What impressed me most is that the coach is very professional. If you want to lay a good foundation, you can also come here # winter Olympics cool ski season"