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Vung Tau BeachNearby City

Vung Tau Beach

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Ranked #8 in Vung Tau Can't Miss Attractions
65km from Ho Chi Minh City ·
"It’s good to watch the years and watch life go on without money and want to go abroad to play, so I chose Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. And Vung Tau is a summer resort in Vietnam. I didn't want to go to the big beach with noisy crowds, so I came to Vung Tau Beach [located in Vung Tau Peninsula] with my girlfriends. Vung Tau Beach is relatively clean, this is my first impression. Step on it, the soft sand is very comfortable. Along the long and narrow coastline, take a walk by the sea, blowing the sea breeze, and feel the peace and quiet of the years, very pleasant. Because it is not very well-known, there are fewer foreigners visiting here, and the flow of people is relatively small, so it is relatively clean. The waves are very big. Watching the waves roll the waves layer by layer, sending shells and small crabs to the shore and then to the sea, it is very cute. It is very suitable for taking pictures here. Wearing a summer dress and taking a few sets of photos, you can feel the taste of summer without toning. The blue sky and white clouds, the sea breeze is smooth, away from the busy city, is a good place to cultivate your body and mind, sink your heart and feel the coast without the noise. Here you can watch the sunrise, watch the sunset, watch the endless life, watch the quiet time. Location: Vung Tau, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province (what name is this)"