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Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam

4.1/562 Reviews
53.4km from city centre
"Suitable for a weekend break, you can take KTM from KL Sentral to the terminal P Klang from Kuala Lumpur. It should be noted that the trains run at a very long interval on weekends, every half an hour, and the speed is not fast, so the one-way trip is about 1.5 hours. After arriving at the destination, the station is directly at the ferry station. There are air-conditioned ships and ordinary ships. The round-trip ticket for air-conditioned ships is 15 MYR and the one-way sailing time is half an hour. After getting on the island, I basically entered the main commercial street of Catdan Island, seafood crab restaurant, snack shop, old-fashioned cake shop, etc. Although seafood is very cheap, one person can't eat it, so I chose the snack noodle shop, one serving Barbecued pork noodles with wonton soup, a can of drinks, a total of 7.5 MYR, very cost-effective. Although there are bicycles or electric vehicles for rent on the island, I suggest that everyone can walk because the island is really small and it takes only 1.5 hours to walk. At the end of the straight path going deep along the pedestrian street, there is a fishing shop where you can buy seafood directly, and the crabs are very fresh! The island is very quiet, and I heard more of the quacking crows, the sound of steamboat motors, the sound of waves and the pleasant wind blowing on my body. It was very comfortable. There are many long-term and short-term rental houses, it feels like a peaceful life after retirement"