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Castle HochosterwitzNearby City

Castle Hochosterwitz

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17.9km from Klagenfurt ·
"When I looked for a dream vacation paradise, I found it in Kornton, Austria. Located in the southern Alps of Kornton, the sun is abundant, the climate is mild, there are dense forests, green mountains and crystal lakes, each is full of nature gifts. There are numerous lakes, clear and clear lakes quietly surrounded by green valleys and majestic snow mountains, the pure between the lakes and mountains make people immerse in them. A clear lake, Lake Water, is the largest in Kenton, surrounded by ridges of snowy mountains, and a quiet place. When the sun passes through the clouds, it becomes a sapphire in Austria, crystal and clear to the bottom. You must come to Lake Milstadt, the quiet lake like a mirror of the soul, will be the mountains and forests into the water. Walking along the lakeside path, gradually blurred whether nature is too beautiful, or you accidentally entered the world in the picture. Hohostavich Castle in northern Kenton is one of the most beautiful Castle of Knights in Europe. As a landmark of Austria, the castle stands on steep hills and rocks with a spectacular view, and its long history adds a little mystery to it. The tower at the top of the castle overlooks the magnificent mountains. You can also, of course, follow the footsteps of Emperor Franz and Princess Cissy, and take the Great Zhongshan Glacier Road, one of the most beautiful panoramic highways in Europe, and enjoy the magnificent Alpine landscapes with its ridges and stacks of peaks. Enjoy the mysterious charm of Austria's first peak of the Great Bell Mountain. If you want a perfect holiday and enjoy the infinite natural scenery, don't miss the Austrian state of Kornton, because this holiday paradise is never disappointing. #Course the waves #Discover the colors of the journey #Snap the movie location"