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Minghe Ancient Town

Minghe Ancient Town

4.4/5322 Reviews
"Ancient Settlement"
Ranked #3 in Cixi Family-Friendly Attractions
11.4km from city centre
"Ningbo Travel | Don't miss Cixi, the more quiet Minghe ancient town built by Baiyang Lake, is a very quiet millennium ancient town. It is a small surprise that you got on this trip. Minghe Ancient Town, typical Jiangnan water town style, white horse head wall, blue gray tiles, constitute a staggered ancient house. The ancient town is divided into three long streets, the middle street, the lower three, the most prosperous street, is the essence of the ancient town, bearing the brilliant past of the ancient town. The mottled walls, the rustic stone path, from the city of the traffic into here, there is a kind of time-travel illusion. Here, there is not too much noise, only a strong life breath, time also become slow down. ·𝓪𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽Recommend some punch points ◾️Baiyang Lake: Three sides around the mountain, seven towers in the lake, the reflection of the water seems to be a painting. ◾️Jinxian Temple: Facing Baiyang Lake, back to hidden mountains, built in the Southern Dynasty Liangdai (but now yq is not open to the public) ◾️Silver Inn: It is the silver number of the Qing Dynasty mansion, with three houses in five, becoming a more representative building here. ◾️Matou Wall: The most representative of the ancient town, the horse head wall, looks very spectacular, blue sky white wall black tile, the picture is particularly beautiful. ◾️Gujie: Walking in the ancient street, everywhere, not many people, just looking for a angle you like to come out."