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Ningbo Wulongtan Scenic SpotNearby City

Ningbo Wulongtan Scenic Spot

4.4/5953 Reviews
41.2km from Cixi ·
"Wulongtan Scenic Spot in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province is a national 4A level tourist area. The scenic area is beautiful in mountain and water, with continuous mountains and continuous mountains. The forest coverage rate is 86%. The average negative oxygen ion content is kept at 3500/cm3; The vegetation resources are rich and varied, not only wild cherry blossom, millennium ginkgo, aromatic pine, pine, sage, green hill, and so on, but also left in Ming and Qing Dynasty, such as the ancient pine and fragrant fruit trees, Zhejiang linden and other national protected trees. Wulongtan scenic area steep mountains, strange peaks, lush forests, waterfalls, pools, springs, streams, lakes, rivers and other water landscapes, especially the waterfalls and lakes are a unique, twisting and rolling water flow and Bitan waterfalls are very natural and interesting. The waterfalls are concentrated in the scenic area. The water is green, the water is clear, cool and sweet, and there are fish and shrimp. The pebbles on the bottom of the pool are of different sizes and smooth and round. The wall is igneous rock, which has been formed in the Upper Jurassic period about 200 million years ago. The most famous of them are the five dragon pools, namely, the Heze pool, Zhaoze pool, Runze pool, Lize pool and Xianze pool. The folk custom of worshiping dragons and praying for rain in Wulongtan has been extended for thousands of years. The waterfalls in the scenic area are in a variety of forms, there are suspended waterfalls, overlap waterfalls, rolling waterfalls, section waterfalls, layer waterfalls, cloth waterfalls, line waterfalls, pillar waterfalls, such as the representative of waterfalls, wall waterfalls, Tianmen waterfalls, Baizhang waterfalls, line waterfalls, and so on."