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Oslob CemeteryNearby City

Oslob Cemetery

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35.8km from Panglao Island ·
"Geographical transportation: The oslob whale watching spot is located in the southern part of Cebu Island. It takes 3 or 4 hours to take a bus from Cebu City, but it will be closer from Dumaguete City. Take a 45-peso crab boat at Sibulan Pier in Dumaguete City and arrive at Liloan Pier on Cebu Island in 15 minutes. Then take three rounds of electricity from the liloan pier, 250 pesos, 20-30 minutes to reach the oslob whale watching spot. Ticket price: Tickets are 100p/person, sightseeing by boat is 500p/person, snorkeling is 1000p/person, and deep diving is 1500p/person (diving certificate required). There are also some local travel agencies that have a whale shark watching plus Sumilon Island day trip itinerary. If Sumilon Island’s buffet lunch is included, it will cost about 600 yuan per person, and hotel pick-up and drop-off are included. The transportation is like this. Note: 1. Whale shark watching must be in the morning, and the time for sightseeing by boat is only half an hour. If you want to continue watching, you must buy a ticket again. 2. Since the whale sharks here basically float to the surface, they are usually snorkeling. Pay attention to sun protection, but sunscreen is not allowed here, so it is recommended to wear jellyfish suits (long-sleeved swimsuits) and do not feed the whale sharks. 3. When watching whales, stay at least 4-6 meters away from it and not touch it, otherwise you will be fined 2,500 pesos and imprisoned for 4-6 months. Play experience: Tan-awan town here was originally a small fishing village. A few years ago, it was discovered that whale sharks appeared in the shallow sea nearby. Later, the villagers fed whale sharks. Whale sharks were used to coming here every day for food, which formed a kind of "free range breeding". "Mode. The whale sharks here are very gentle, so don't be afraid. We set off from Dumaguete in the morning, and when we arrived at the whale watching spot, we saw crab boats floating on the sea from the shore. Due to the large number of tourists, it is necessary to queue up for the boat. I waited about 15 minutes and finally arrived at us! Get on the crab boat and start looking forward to it, where are you, whale shark, whale shark, did not drive far, and followed the direction of the boatman, and saw a big mouth open on the water! Very close! The boatman will park in a row with other crab boats, and everyone can go snorkeling and swim with whale sharks within the limits of their boats! But can't touch him! See it swimming near you, you have to take the initiative to avoid it. There are a lot of whale sharks in the morning. There are only 3 and 4. When this behemoth appears in front of you, you will not be afraid at all, just want to get close to it. When I was chasing one of them to swim, I was suddenly hit by the one from behind. I wouldn't be able to touch it, but it ran into me on its own initiative. I really feel lucky! The whole whale watching time is half an hour. Each boat will have two or three boatmen taking the initiative to take pictures for you. There are 7 people in one of our boats. If you tip him, he will certainly help you take more pictures. Children who can't swim can go to watch, because whale sharks will surface and have good visibility underwater. You can see the cute big whale sharks while sitting in a crab boat."