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Bohol Divers Club Dive CenterNearby City

Bohol Divers Club Dive Center

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"Outdoor diving"
4.9km from Panglao Island · Bohol Island
"Bloody Bilai's dive shop. No time concept no integrity. The most play is the last day, the first morning with the front desk to confirm two things: the day diving back to send a car to send us and equipment back; We will bring the equipment back to the hotel and then come back to check the bill. The lady at the front desk said that there is no problem. As a result, she did not admit that I asked for the arrangement of the car. And after the cost is over, she can get the equipment. This is very understanding, so let the female clerk contact the tutu car, contact us 150 without bargain (we come to tutu every morning is 50). We communicate in the root shop, I will take all the equipment back and then come back to check the bill and then pick up the other three people go. When moving the equipment, this woman came back, and had to leave an equipment, which was pure unpleasantness. One of us said: I am not worth more than the equipment ~~~ Then our submersible words did not say to pick up the equipment box and move to the tutu car. The first day of the store is not happy. It's good to communicate by mail in advance. We made an appointment to pick up the hotel and equipment on the day of arrival, but when the time arrived, we didn't see the car. We called the store and said that the car had been sent and could not be picked up in the store. We made an appointment to pick up at 8 o'clock the next morning. The next day, we were waiting at the hotel door to wear our wetsuits to save time. We have not seen the car for a long time. We called the store and said that the car was busy letting us wait. . . Then the dive arrangement is very bad. There are two speedboats in the store. One speedboat is formed when we dive on the shore. One group returns to the other group and sets off, causing our stay on the shore is enough. The diver said that we can leave. We are all dressed in wet clothes. The speedboat did not come back and waited for 15 minutes with a big sweat. . . The submarine guide was randy, which was particularly good. I didn't see a big frog fish in the first dive of the last day. I took a photo of four at the last dive. Local dive point 1300, pamilacan and balicasag such a island dive 4600 for a day, regardless of lunch. Island snorkeling is a big banka, the boat is very clean and comfortable, prepared fruit hot water for tea and coffee, and small breads, it is recommended to bring instant noodles, a few mouthfuls of hot soup is particularly comfortable."