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Water Sports
Apo DiveNearby City

Apo Dive

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"Water Sports"
22.6km from Dumaguete · Mindanao
"Santander (e.g. the Eden hotel, known for its infinity pool) is also close to the spot where the whale sharks are seen. If you want to see the whale shark the next day, it is recommended to choose the hotel in Oslob and Santander. The hotel will also help arrange the next day's itinerary. A dragon will contact even the tutu car transfer. It is not impossible to live in the Duma, but you have to get up very early in the morning. After all, whale sharks only have to go to work every morning, and when there are more people waiting in line, they have to hit some early. No one wants to go for nothing. We booked the trip directly with the hotel at night to see the whale sharks, so we didn't have to bother the next day. Between deep diving and snorkeling we hesitate to choose deep diving, this hesitation is probably a sweet annoyance. Snorkeling is not bad, but we mainly want to take more pictures with whale sharks, if snorkeling is dense and full of people, so we decided to use the power of the water just acquired to snorkel and go deep. The price negotiated with the hotel is two people deep diving 7000P, tutu car transfer and check-out to send us to the dock of Sumiron Hotel 500P. This price is definitely overpriced, just as a reference. In addition, if you don't go down on the boat, go to see the whale shark 500P per person, snorkeling per person 1000P. A moment later, the trip has passed most of the sixth day. I can't help but feel sorry for the lack of holiday balance, but this idea can't stay for long, because today is the day! Pure fun day! Whale sharks! Nothing can stop me from having fun. I once saw whale sharks in the Atlanta aquarium, just sitting at a distance where I could sit fascinated for twenty minutes, and this time getting close to nature was even more exciting; my wife was looking for the first time, not to mention how much to expect. (Including, the Atlanta Aquarium is a great place, not only whale sharks and sea anemones, all kinds of rolling and holding hands to sleep, show the love, you look blood) Up at 6 am, breakfast to the place at 7:30, there are many people. I don't know what time I can see at the latest, but I suggest going or hurrying early, preferably before 9 o'clock. Deep snorkeling is not so popular as snorkeling, after all, there is no OW dive certificate here is not allowed to go deep snorkeling, experience snorkeling can't be found here. We didn't have to queue for deep dives when we arrived, so changed clothes and put on gear, whale sharks came!"