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Greek Villa Kerylos (Villa Grecque Kerylos)Nearby City

Greek Villa Kerylos (Villa Grecque Kerylos)

5/54 Reviews
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"Historical Site"
5.6km from Nice ·
"The villa is close to the bay, the terrain is also low, the basement level is almost parallel to the sea level. It was too windy when we went, and we hurried into the room without taking a good look at the exterior. After entering, I realized that I had walked into the museum of ancient Greece. The villa is divided into several rooms. The luxurious bath on the first floor and the antique mosaics of the 2nd century at the entrance are amazing. The library, dining room, living room, Renake and his wife’s bedroom, etc., can be seen in every room with Greek mythology Totems designed with characters as themes, and the selected materials were first-class choices in the early 20th century. Looking closely at my feet, a large number of mosaics are applied to the floor of the room. The term mosaic originated from ancient Greece and is a meticulous decoration made of mosaics. Mosaic art has an important position in the field of architecture in ancient Greece and Rome. As a special decorative means, mosaic symbolizes noble social status to a certain extent. The more mosaics in someone's home, the finer and more beautiful the patterns, the richer the family will be. In addition, the connection of tall rooms and the columns around the central courtyard are also one of the features of ancient Greek architecture. Unlike the pale pink Rothschild Garden Villa, it feels more masculine and neutral. The second floor is divided into two corridors, connecting all the rooms in series. The rooms of the host and hostess each have a bathroom. The host's room is decorated with the symbolism of the goddess of love, and the hostess's room is dedicated to the earth goddess Hera."