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Alpe di SiusiNearby City

Alpe di Siusi

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263.9km from Passau ·
穿秋裤ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ
"[Super American Travel Destination Sharing] This unique landscape was privately contracted by the place name: Dolomiti Hughes, Italy Alpe di Siusi📍 Location: The most northeastern part of Italy, Switzerland to the west, Austrian border to the north, the other side of the border is another beautiful place Dolomiti. There is such a mountainous area in Europe it is famous in the world but not well known to most Chinese people. It has a huge white cloud ☁️ Rocks are inserted into the sky. There are cattle and sheep in the meadows. There are also gentle towns under the blade peak. It can make every photography lover dream about it. It can make any outdoor hobby. It is the Dolomiti Hughes Mountains that people forget to return Alpe di Siusi There are few places like Hughes with such a green pasture in and out of the world. This is the most beautiful alpine meadow in Europe. It is the most beautiful and unworldly place. It is a secret place for independent tourists. Almost forgetting it a back garden where God left him in the Alps in this nature park 🚶🏻‍♀️ is undoubtedly the most in-depth experience possible every step is the scenery every turn beautiful to suffocate the sunset when the mountain dolomite becomes strange in the sunset The pink is like a rose 🌹 garden, if you look at the mountains in front of you, but it is different from the common Alps: the sharp blade of the mountain is thrust into the sky, as if to cut a gap in the blue sky; The steep rock walls perpendicular to the ground, like a giant sculpture that has been changed out of thin air. Dolomite, with no one, would make the whole world feel like you, adding to the morning haze, and the cabin 🏕, adding a little more poetic touch to the whole mountain. If you can stay in those hiking cabins deep in the mountains, every time you go back to the sunset 🌇, as long as you look up, the winding galaxy will inevitably cross the night sky. _#Italy Travel #Vocabulary Travel Experience #Travel Planning List #Curing is the landscape."