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Sanling Bay Macaque ParkNearby City

Sanling Bay Macaque Park

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177.5km from Libo ·
""No tiger in the mountain, monkey called king" in China, Sichuan Emei Mountain and other scenic areas have macaques can be intimate contact, but in the urban area can see the scattered macaques, only one Lingshan. The Lingshan monkeys are also famous for this, called Ling monkeys, became everyone to Guiyang, even Guizhou must punch card attractions. The Lingshan Park is the first of the Qianyuan in Guiyang City, with the reputation of the first mountain in South Guizhou, the park is beautiful, the ancient trees are sky-high, there are the most wild macaques in Guiyang, and the macaques here are quite domineering. According to the information, the three Lingwan macaque garden belongs to the park, the three Lingwan scenic area part, the original Chinese and Western architecture, including conference rooms, guest houses, etc. , was built in the 1930s. In 1985, the government invested in the renovation of the site, which only retained the original meeting rooms, along with the Chinese garden features of the promenade and the Jiangnan Pavilion for visitors to enjoy and rest. In 1991, the park built the only urban park wild macaques park in the scenic area. After decades of unremitting efforts, the wild macaques from the original 20 to the present more than 3,000. In the three ling bay macaque garden, promenade pavilion around the twigs, between the trees, everywhere you can see wild monkeys begging for food to tourists, cute; the monkeys are happy, qianlingshan park unique a big wonder. Monkeys beg for tourists, tourists to enjoy the monkeys, the monkeys happy, fun, people lingering. Actually, to say the white, reward monkey is a big characteristic of Lingshan Park, this decades, the real owner is monkey, because if there is no such monkey, Lingshan Park can not be human come. The monkeys are happy is a big wonder of the Lingshan Park, many tourists into the park, is simply attracted by the monkeys. There are no tigers in the mountain, the monkeys are called the king, the Lingshan Park, a most worth going to the park! Tourist Tips: Sanlingwan Macacaque Ornamental Park 1, Sanlingwan Macacaque Ornamental Park Address: Guilingshan Park, No. 187, Lushan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. 2, Traffic: The fastest Raiders, take Guiyang Metro Line 1 to Goulingshan Park, go out at the [Eight Pigeons Rock] Station, walk 600 meters along Biyun Road to the East Gate of Goulingshan Park. 3, Open time: Monday - Sunday, 6:30-22:00; 4, Tickets: 5 yuan / person (children under 1 meters are free to enter the park, but must be accompanied by adults, elderly people aged 60 years and above are free), enter the park at 10 o'clock in the evening free; zenfuji Temple 2 yuan; cable car ticket 12 yuan / person, child 8 yuan / person (round-trip 16 yuan / person, child 10 yuan / person). 5, play strategy: for yin lingshan, right with monkeys, see monkeys do not frighten them, do not have physical contact with them, so as not to get scratched. There are two ways to climb the mountaintop, one is to pick up the steps and walk along the winding mountain road, the other is to take the cableway sightseeing cable car, along the straight mountain road, straight to the top, a panoramic view of Guiyang; The former, though hard, can unlock the hidden map of Lingshan, and the latter is naturally the preferred traveler who wants a quick trip."