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"Art Museum"
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"Flower 2 to share [64 places where Guiyang can eat, drink, go shopping, take pictures]. The ranking is not sequential, think of where to write where to write, [POSTMAN Coffee] Although hidden in the deep alley, coffee and scenery are not worth the trip 2, [Weing] three floors of small houses, each floor is green, there are delicious drinks and simple meals 3, [MounGar423] The old shop is in Nanpu Road, But the flower sharing is its future ark side of the store, there is a big courtyard and net red stairs must punch 4, [MIMO (Nanguo Huajin Shop)] often has net red meals and drinks are born, always can attract the young sister to go to 5 again, [Anna letter Western Restaurant] The earliest only West Point, Now I joined the Western food, the store has recently been re-corrected, and it will be a blockbuster in minutes 6, [Higashi Yunshan Forest Park] No parking place, but there is a European style garden 7, [Right Ercun] Although there is only a bridge, it only takes half an hour to shoot the card, but it is like you went to Miyazaki's cartoon 8. [Guiyang Forest Park] Must find a fragrant tree, very big and beautiful, it is like 9 in a foreign country, [George Commune] There are many creative coffees, competition coffee, itself pure white is also very good to shoot 10, [Guizhou Art Museum] every two or three months the theme is very different. You can drink drinks and coffee on the first floor. [Guizhou Museum] The external force surface is colored, suitable for playing cool. The pure white space on the 2nd floor is also very good. There are also net red stairs 12. [Woody·Estate] The first floor Western food, the second floor bar, one-stop solution for the appointment. There is also a green plant terrace + Michelin chef 13, [Huicheng Factory Garden Store] This is [Huicheng] Factory Garden Store, the garden is literally a fairy tale world 14, [Zhenshan Village] The summer secret base of the old Guiyang people, you must take a small blue boat, and you can't sit on 15 after late autumn. [DuideCoffee is right N1 This year's new store, coffee lover's paradise 16, [Black Mosquito Basketball Park (International Trade Plaza)] There are several production areas, flowers share is International Trade here 17, [Yang Ai Tea Field] There is a [flying house ring travel] room 18, [Rooftop Coffee] High-altitude Cafe, the best 19 when the autumn is cool, [Shangxin·Harbour-style side stove chicken flagship store] Sit down to eat is a retro Harbour slice 20, [Ark No. 1 Seafood Coffee] has 1.8 meters high KAWS21, [Speech] Drink to the coffee bookstore, the exhibition hall is large and beautiful 22, [Morning Flowers Molly Coffee & Bar] You can eat Western food, drink coffee, drink alcohol, and solve your small gathering needs in the space of the 2nd floor. [MINN CAFE] The American style is full, the afternoon tea time on the Nanming River 24, [aurora Floriculture Life Hall] 3 floors, 2 floors is Chenshe cocktail bar, The 3rd floor big patio floriculture classroom is too good 25, [ST cake kingdom (Yitiancheng store)] has many stores, Yitiancheng store is the largest and the most beautiful 26, [niu pot (Hongyanqiao store)] eat bean pod hot pot like a cafe 27, [far away home] Guiyang sea 28, [IKEA home] pat various home 29, [Little Mad Cup] In 001, it is a new surprise for everyone this year. 30, [Sevilla Leisure Club Restaurant] must go to its fountain shop, drink afternoon tea + eat = no transfer 31, [slide light] Teacher Zhao collects thousands of old items, waiting for you to listen to story 32. [How to be so cute] On the 4th floor of Yitian City, the exhibition has been always in the early December to see the remaining 32 places in Guiyang next period | Guiyang Wanghong punch card | Guiyang Meidian | Guiyang coffee | Guiyang Little Land | Guiyang Raiders | Guiyang Tourism"