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Weibaqun Memorial HallNearby City

Weibaqun Memorial Hall

4.5/58 Reviews
"Memorial Hall"
112.6km from Libo ·
"Weibaqun Memorial Hall is on a high slope, magnificent. The memorial hall is three floors high, 28 meters, 129 meters long, 71 meters wide, displaying 7 exhibition halls and various multi-function rooms. The exhibition area is 3,500 square meters, displaying more than 1,000 cultural relics and historical materials. The first floor of the museum is an orderly hall, a film and television hall and three exhibition halls. The hall has a bust of white jade statue of Wei Baqun, the pedestal engraved with the central and the Party and state leaders to give Wei Baqun's successive evaluation. The preface hall is surrounded by a film and television hall, a temporary exhibition hall and a first, second and third exhibition hall. The three exhibition halls introduce Wei Bai Qun's concern for the country and the people, explore the truth, lead the agricultural movement and armed struggle, participate in the leadership of the Baise uprising and organize the creation of the right Jiangsu district. The temporary exhibition hall mainly displays 100 general inscriptions to commemorate Wei Baqun. The second floor of the memorial hall has four exhibition halls, which introduce Deng Xiaoping and Wei Baqun respectively; Wei Baqun is loyal to the Party and defends the Soviet District; After the death of Wei Baqun countless revolutionary martyrs before and after, the red flag not to fall the battle experience, as well as eternal memorial, immortal monuments and so on. The memorial hall fully utilizes the means of sound, light, electricity, multimedia, phantom imaging, virtual reality, mural painting, sculpture, oil painting and scene restoration to reproduce the historical reality, and highlights the outstanding contribution of Wei Baqun and Deng Xiaoping to the founding of New China. Zhang Yunyi and other leaders of the left and right river revolution, show the revolutionary martyrs to throw their heads, sprinkling blood, storming, heroic struggle, with life and blood to write the magnificent chapter of the national democratic revolution. The Shogun's garden in the southern part of the central axis of the group square is composed of Wei Baku, Zhang Yunyi, Chen Hongtao, Huang Daquan, Lu Hiorin, Huang Haori, Huang Juping, Wei Guoqing, Wei Jie, Jiang Jian, Jiang Shizhen, Wei Guohan, Jiang Maosheng, Huang Songjian, and Jiang Xing. Bronze statues of 17 people, such as Lu Xiu-ching, and their life resumes are shown."