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Rock Climbing
Jinmaoshan Panyan BaseNearby City

Jinmaoshan Panyan Base

5/54 Reviews
"Rock Climbing"
272.9km from Libo · Yangshuo
"Come to Jinmao Mountain to learn to climb the rocks is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of my trip to Yangshuo! Every time I take a taxi, the driver was surprised to learn that I will stay in Yangshuo for half a month. I feel that usually three days is enough. But I think I could actually live with one if my daughter and mother were not following. Month. Talk about the Golden Cat Mountain Rock Climbing Base. Taifo system, there is no Internet promotion. I also found it right here, in addition to learning technology, it really makes me feel very warm. It is a place I want to come back often. Especially my master Li Junhu, I am in the heart of respect and like! Explain the theory part very carefully, clear thinking, pay attention to the demonstration; The practice part requires strict, cannot be a little slack. Psychological fear of middle-aged women is particularly patient to give full security. I always urge and make progress when I want to steal a little lazy. Know when to push me out of my comfort zone. Master photographer, can shoot a super blockbuster ~ Deyi Shuangxin, also makes coffee ~ Master always said: you have to believe you can So when I had a master, I thought I could! From the beginning 5.7 needs to be pulled up, to the last day can be smooth 5.7 Pioneer over the top, see not only the high scenery, but the deep forgotten fear, and focus on doing a thing! 7 days down, cried, shouted, laughed, scared, shaken, succeeded. I think rock climbing is really too Mrs. Funny! After returning to Beijing, I will practice well. I will come back again to climb 5.8 and 5.9 on the National Day holiday! Bye-bye Jinmao Mountain!"