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Hoi An Ancient TownNearby City

Hoi An Ancient Town

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"Historical Site"
16.5km from Hoi An ·
"I came to Hui'an Ancient Town on a boat like the Chinese, Japanese and Europeans who have been here for centuries and agreed to live here. The Hui'an Port was the most important trade center in Southeast Asia between the 15th and 18th centuries. Later, due to the internal power struggle in Vietnam, the sea mouth finally blocked, Huian so silent. This history of Hoi An has formed a large number of Chinese, Japanese and European architecture, and recombined the native Vietnamese culture, and it is rare to escape the modern war fire. The ancient town of Hoi An was registered as a United Nations World Heritage site in 1999, and it was reborn. Today, the autumn basin is still bustling, but it has become a tourist in the world. The Hui'an in the drizzle adds a touch of luster, the yellow exterior wall also appears more deep and mottled, the layout of the street, the style of the building, shows the quaint Chinese architecture, as if a small town in the south of the Ling. Southern town is always green and colorful, Huian is no exception, the root of the maple tree "thousand down green silk", "flowers" flowers, "the official city", flowers and grass under the streets and alleys full of shops. Huian lanterns are different from China, colorful shapes, The light was projected through the lanterns of all kinds of patterns and colors. The first time the lanterns were the most enchanting. There were lanterns on the bank, and the river was not idle. The vendors were selling river lights, and the water flowed slowly with river lights, reflecting the lights on the bank. It was so confusing to see which was the river lights. The boat can also take people to the night tour, want to see the colorful night scene in the boat, but do not have to rub shoulders with people, do not have a taste. This situation, this scene, let me think of Mr. Zhu Ziqing's "the chanting lamp shadow of the Qinhuai River.""