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Huangyao Ancient TownNearby City

Huangyao Ancient Town

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"Ancient Settlement"
Ranked #1 in Zhaoping Can't Miss Attractions
93km from Yangshuo ·
"Huangyao Town is located in Zhaoping County in the east of Guangxi, 75 kilometers from the county seat to Guilin 200 kilometers, about 1.1 square kilometers, is a commercial development of the town in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ancient town is surrounded by mountains and rivers, surrounded by flat ground, green and magnificent peaks. Yaojiang, Xiaozhujiang, Xingning River clear as mirror throughout the ancient town, small bridges flowing water, ancient towering, bamboo screen, green mountains and green water, green water and residential companions, landscapes like the Lijiang River and Shengli Lijiang River. Compared with the natural scenery, Huangyao's historical and cultural landscape is more distinctive, the town streets and lanes are green stone road, the winding road and deep streets and lanes have more than 300 scattered, simple and elegant, styles of ancient residential. To defend the town, the town built a hard stone wall, exits, and even every street in the town has gates. The ancient town has about 2,000 people, 39 surnames, more than 95% of the Han people, only a small number of Zhuang, most of the residents of the ancestors from Guangdong, they still maintain a simple folk customs. Huang Yao is a poetic place, every attractions do not have to look for, along the slate path slowly, inadvertently you may find something to surprise you."