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Shangyou Lake Area

Shangyou Lake Area

4.3/58 Reviews
Ranked #9 in Gao'an Can't Miss Attractions
102.1km from city centre
"The Upstream Lake Scenic Area is located 43 kilometers northwest of Gaoan City in Jiangxi Province and 103 kilometers away from Nanchang City. It is a shining pearl inlaid on the fairy lake-upstream lake-Zhelin Lake golden tourist route. It is known as the small town in Jiangxi. Lushan. famous tourist sites The upstream lake is one of the 60 large-scale water conservancy projects in the country, with beautiful mountains and green waters and beautiful appearance. The lake water quality, air quality, noise, etc. all meet the national first-class standards. The natural environment is distinguished by "Secluded, Quiet, and Beautiful". There are 12 natural landscapes and 10 cultural landscapes in the area. The scenic spot has been rated as the first national water conservancy scenic spot in Jiangxi Province and a provincial-level scenic spot in Jiangxi Province. It is a large window for Gaoan to open to the outside world and a back garden for tourism and leisure in Nanchang. Natural scenery The scenic spots in the upper reaches of the lake are well-distributed, with different series interspersed among them, including four series of natural landscapes, cultural landscapes, water parks, and fun fishing. More than ten scenic spots achieve a harmonious and perfect unity. There are Bailu Island and ancient forests that reflect the natural scenery; Monkey Island that appreciates the tastes of people and nature, humans and animals; Guiyan Academy ruins, Zicui Pavilion, and Tibetan Soldier Cave, which highlight the historical charm; participate in thrilling water sports , A variety of tourism projects will make you enjoy yourself and linger."