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Ecology Zoo

Ecology Zoo

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"Hangzhou surrounding tour | Little attractions with low traffic are more beautiful than the "Yunshang Grassland" in the most habitable city of Huai'anji, where 95% of the vegetation coverage is the largest tourist attraction in North Zhejiang, the black swans live and multiply at Anji Zoo. It is a drive from Hangzhou City 1.5h tickets: 150/persons can buy 135/persons online one day in advance to buy a zoo + amusement park project package ticket 180 yuan / person time: 8:00-17:00. No admission at 5 pm! If you want to play an amusement park, you must go in the morning, it is included in the ticket, you can take a free seat, but it will stop at 5:00 in the afternoon. We went too late to play. Other roller coasters, jumpers, and merry-go-rounds can be taken at the door to get a free detailed map of fried chicken. The price of the play project is also written very clearly, don't worry about being black ~ Conscience recommends archery and karts are cost-effective compared to fried chicken, the venue is very cool to go forward is black swan lake ~ You can take a boat to the lake, watch it up close, you can also buy food to feed them, they are not afraid of people, The interaction is fun to generate 100 swans and ducklings and the zoo in the city is not the same, standing on the lake can see black swan parents protect the ducklings to eat, many small families, dad will also fight for the turf, some in the nest egg is simply live broadcast animal world. The lake is full of fish, the ecological environment fried chicken nice! The fawn will travel along the road and will have the bold eye of the deer to observe you as a human ~ When we went, we were lucky to see the black-hearted crows and the trees. There is a century war in which a large grassy area takes pictures. Oh ~ Can fly kites 🪁, set up a tent, Picnic BBQ, the space is big enough, will not be crowded like Hangzhou Zoological and Botanical Garden ~ The park can rent an oven, you can have a picnic BBQ with friends but 200+. It is recommended to take it forward to see the animals. The puddle is really a swimming body. White, clean and bathing. The color of the spitting flamingo is very good for the camera ~ The black and white flowers are super cute, the little sisters come to claim their boyfriends home ~ There are more animals to see the park by themselves. The park is very big. If you are tired, you can take a sightseeing bus for only 10 yuan / person Small tips: you can buy Angie specialties at the exit, I heard that Angie is famous and delicious."