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GerlospassNearby City


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"Geological Sites"
52.6km from Hallstatt ·
"A pearl in the Alps this winter I accompany my wife to the beautiful Austrian Salzburg to visit the Alps. We arrived at the Gerlopass before lunch time and booked the passage for one of the quaint electric boats that glided silently over the clear green water. The water in the valley was so pure that it was said that melted snow on the snowy mountains was drinkable directly. To protect the lake, it is forbidden to use motor boats and not to swim. It is almost like a fjord, both sides are enclosed by granite mountains. Once, the captain stopped the boat and blew the horn. After a few seconds of delay, the music was drawn back to us. A small peninsula stretches into the lake behind the spectacular Alps. The winter Alps are covered with thick snow, leaving only a flourishing coniferous forest to be seen. The color of the season can only be described as snow white, because the sight is sober. The contrast is the color of the lake, which is black, clean and cold to black. Certainly it may be the viewing angle and the light. The lakeside sunny afternoon, the opportunity for photographs is endless. We enjoyed the beautiful lake and mountains while eating fresh salmon on the boat. Our chef told us that the salmon was caught at 4:00 a.m. on the same day. It was really delicious and had a great aftertaste. The brass band started playing and we found ourselves surrounded by beautiful melody and languages from all over the world. After the boat docked we found a supply stop for a coffee. Then continued to see the lake, the mountains, the forest. Tips: 1. The cost of a tour around the lake is 20 euros. 2. The Alps are very cold in winter, do a good job of keeping warm."