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Soca RiverNearby City

Soca River

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166.4km from Hallstatt ·
"No matter how big the world is under my feet, the world is so big that people often feel small and confused, as if they are not as big as a dust. At this time, we should go for a walk, take a look, and admire the scenery along the way. You will find that the world seems to be reachable, and it is at the feet of each of us. Recommended reason Soca River (Soca River), arguably the most competitive river on earth, is called: beautiful emeralds. After hearing this name, do you have an urge to start right away? Don't worry, in addition, the scenery here is beautiful, and in summer, it is a gathering place for water rafting lovers. Travel guide After a long journey, all my exhaustion disappeared at the moment I saw the river. Yes, there are unusually dense woods here, reflected in the turquoise Soka River. Under the sunlight, it is really shining, making people unable to move their eyes and indulging in it. There are a lot of water entertainments here. At that time, due to my lack of courage, I chose canoeing hahaha. Although it is not exciting enough, it is still very pleasant to enjoy the beautiful scenery while rowing. If you like adventure, you can choose to drift. The thrilling and exciting experience will definitely not make you regret it. Warm reminder that the rafting project on the Soka River is not open at any time. From March to October each year, at specific times, friends can pay attention to related websites."