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Castletown HouseNearby City

Castletown House

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"Historical Site"
17.9km from Dublin ·
"Experience the strong European and American architecture Castletown house, which is a building with European and American style. The main purpose of coming here is to investigate the local customs and customs. It is used in paintings. I have been hearing friends say that the architecture here is very distinctive, both classical and modern. Came here to investigate and investigate. Classical and modern love here is like a palace in European and American TV dramas. It is luxurious and luxurious, with multi-storey retro-style buildings, with chandeliers decorating everything around. It cannot be said that the surrounding accessories are so precious that it makes this place. It is beautiful and magnificent, and it is the unique architectural style, the ingenious combination of classic and modern, which has a natural feeling. The most amazing thing is the stairs, which are very beautiful and often appear in TV shows. The garden outside the castle is very large. The garden is lush and suitable for strolling. The main and biggest discovery is that there is a lake in the garden. There are a few swans in the lake. The swans are not afraid of people. You can get close to them and take pictures by the way. What I miss, and what I know, points to note: the swans in the lake cannot be fed to the castle: the murals in the castle, the building can be photographed and food: there is no unique food nearby, you can bring snacks, you must bring your own garbage Bag season: February and March are the best season to come here"