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Xuedou MountainClosed

Xuedou Mountain

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Ranked #11 in Ningbo Can't Miss Attractions
69.1km from selected area
"💟Play route: ⏺Visitor Center →Check ticket →Bus →Sanyintan →Small train →Small train →Cableway →Miaogaotai →Downhill walk downhill →Zhang Xueliang Confinement →Maitreya Buddha →Bus →Visitor Center ⏺Xueyu Mountain After the end of the process, Driving to the street of Guo's former residence, went around for a while, bought some Chuncai 🍪, went back to the city ~💟tips: 1️⃣ self-driving 🚗, Ningbo City departure, navigation to the Xuedoushan Visitor Center, there is a parking lot 🅿️, parking fee ¥10, the journey time is about an hour. 2️⃣ Ticket purchase 🎫, the network and on-site ticket gate can be. I bought the snowmobile mountain + traffic car + sightseeing train and ropeway online, adult ticket 168. Must buy the train 🚝 and ropeway 🚠, worth the flowers! I want to go to the home of Guo's family to buy joint tickets more cost-effective! 3️⃣ The route is mostly downhill, relatively labor-saving, after the ticket check-in bus 🚌 directly to Sanyintan 💦 get off. 4️⃣Xu Xiuyan 🪨 There is a glass path, you can go to see if you are interested. 5️⃣Maitreya has a big staircase in the Buddha, and there is another ticket to buy at the scene of the Buddha's feet. 6️⃣Can bring some cash 💰, the signal on the mountain is a bit poor, it is convenient to buy cash to eat and drink. 7️⃣Must wear sports shoes 👟, can bring some food and water 💧, remember to kick the legs after the end, the legs will be sour the next day."