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Bailu TownNearby City

Bailu Town

4/5312 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Pengzhou Can't Miss Attractions
35km from Dujiangyan ·
"Feel the romance of spring and enjoy the tranquility and warmth of strolling in the town. Jimeimen who like to travel must come here. Taking pictures here is definitely a big shot. If you dream of taking wedding photos here, it must be very romantic, just like the wedding in your dreams, love in a fairy tale💑. If you enter the main road, it gives people a very relaxed feeling. The big trees are uneven and tall, and they are straight and sprouting, and they are beautiful. Entering the town square, there is a large stage with a sense of design. Entering the town, you must slow down and slow down the pace. Seeing these beautiful and designed buildings, it is very artistic and you can't stop taking pictures with your mobile phone. There are two long roads in the town, one in the middle and the other on the left. After walking through the street, you can go down. There are rivers and stone steps leading to the left of the town. The river is crystal clear, and the trees and plants on the riverside are reflected. In the creek. The children are playing and playing, the adults are sitting next to have a nap, some are chatting, and some are taking pictures of the children, a perfect scene. Coming from Chengdu, I originally went to Wukuaishi to take the bus to Pengzhou, but the Wukuaishi bus station was temporarily demolished, so the friends who are going to Pengzhou recently changed to Beimen Bus Station (Liangjiaxiang) or East Station , The tickets are 15 to 17, and there are rolling trains to Pengzhou. When you arrive at the Pengzhou Passenger Transport Center Station, get off the bus and buy a car to Bailu, 10 yuan, also rolling out. It took a total of more than 2 hours on the left⑧, because there were traffic jams twice today, it took a long time 😂. From Bailu back to Pengzhou, the final closing time is 5 pm. Another way to take the bus is to go to Xipu. After I get off at the Pengzhou Passenger Transport Center, I take bus 501 to the Gucheng Bus Station and change to bus P214 to Xipu Metro Station. The last train of 501 is 6.30, and the last of P214 is 7 o'clock. The waiting time is relatively long. You can make time planning and reserve a little more."