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Huaxi Farm

Huaxi Farm

3.2/511 Reviews
8.5km from city centre
"🌿 Chengdu surrounding tour guide || Dujiangyan Huaxi Farm 🌿🌸 Attraction Name 🌸: Huaxi Farm 📮 Address 📮: Huaxi Village, Liyang Town, Dujiangyan City 🚌 Traffic 🚌: Rongchang Expressway, Pengqing Road, 350 National Road, 004 Country Road 💰 Average Consumption 💰: Fengyi by People 🚙 Parking Information 🚙: There are two dedicated parking lots, Unattended, free 💕 recommended reason: This is a farm built by a group of educators, with the same beautiful scenery and farmyard as other carefully constructed farms, and is the largest natural education base in the country at present. The founders, who had been engaged in early childhood education for many years and had come into contact with the idea of nature education, built this camp so that children could enjoy the full enjoyment of nature. In fact, children and big friends alike could find their own happiness here. 💕Recommended play 💕👉👉👉 Bamboo Forest Walking Leisure 🎋 Huaxi Farm has a considerable area of bamboo forest, basically in semi-primitive state. Walking in the bamboo forest can clearly hear the ostrich song, the tick, and the sound of birds fluttering their wings in front of you. The ground is covered with thick dry bamboo leaves, and the foot will make a clear sound when you step on it; look up, the eyes are endless green; take a deep breath, it is a fresh air filled with negative oxygen ions... 👉👉👉 Creek catching fish 🐟 There are many small fish in the stream next to the farm. A simple fishing net can make children and big friends have a whole day of happiness. 👉👉👉 Wild Goose 🥙 The shell of the farm bamboo forest is ready-made fuel, and a large pot of natural flavor and bamboo rice on the river is also excellent. 👉👉👉 Greenway Cycling 🚲 Near the farm is the Nanxi Greenway of Dujiangyan. You can walk here, you can ride, you can make a long-term battle with the big parents of the nearby farmhouse, and there is a very likely to be a cute little hairy child. 👉👉👉 Camping 🏕 If the seasonal weather is appropriate, you can also camp here. In the summer, you may also see fireflies."