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Xueshanliang RidgeNearby City

Xueshanliang Ridge

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194.6km from Dujiangyan · Songpan
"From the neugou to Huanglong road, we passed Songpan County, Sichuan main temple, avoided the Huanglong tunnel, chose from the snow mountain Liang Yaokou mountain to Huanglong. Although the experience of mountain weather has changed so that we have to return to the tunnel to go to Huanglong, but overall, the first experience of exploring Huanglong's secret is worth noting, all the way to the beautiful scenery. Now we see the "secret" of Huanglong, in fact, is the past to Huanglong old road, 120 County Road, but since the tunnel repaired, this mountain road has rarely come, why to recommend to everyone here? Reasons have three, please look down. After the Huanglong Tunnel was built in better condition than before, the road was not abandoned but renovated. At present, this road is asphalt road, although the rain and snow season landslides, ice and other geological disasters are still inevitable, but if the weather is fine, driving on the road in good conditions, the mood is comfortable. The road is beautiful and picturesque. The road is high in altitude. It is really a scenic road to go to Huanglong. It is a pity to miss it when the weather is sunny. Few tourists have been repaired along the Huanglong Tunnel, and few tourists have made special detours around the mountain road to the scenic spot. So you can enjoy the beautiful scenery quietly along the way, and you must not miss the friends who like the unforgettable attractions. However, there are three equally noteworthy issues on this road, which are summarized below. Do not go to this road in the rain and snow weather frequent geological disasters, adopt practical experience to tell you: rain and snow weather easily cause landslides, snow on the road dark ice, the driving process is very unsafe. Preventing high altitude, the highest snow mountain Liangyukou reach 4007 meters, friends (especially the first high altitude) must take oxygen bottle or carry oxygen tablet to go again. If there is a altitude reaction, please walk slowly when you get off the bus and avoid running or talking loudly before you adapt to the altitude. In addition, if the altitude is higher and the temperature is lower, you should prepare warm clothes in advance. Attention to the road sign at the intersection to take this road, there is a intersection from Chuanzhusi to Huanglong, left for "Huanglong", right for "Snow Mountain Liang", please choose the right road, you can climb the mountain through the snow mountain Liangyukou to Huanglong! Add a self-driving tour related matters: there is no gas station along the way, but the whole road is not long, can be filled up ahead and then up the mountain."