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Longxing TempleClosed at 17:00

Longxing Temple

4.7/572 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 3 reviews
Ranked #12 in Pengzhou Can't Miss Attractions
28.1km from Dujiangyan ·
""Peng County has a tower, only one foot eight from the sky, " the sentence in the former western Sichuan damzi old people widely spread, which said that the tower is located in Pengzhou Longxing Temple Longxing Tower. The old man's mouth of this tower and the Longxing Temple, was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, after many earthquakes, the original tower body has been broken, the pagoda became the people's mouth of "Tian Peng Broken Tower", the remaining tower nearly collapsed after the dismantling in 1992, after reconstruction of today's Longxing Temple The pagoda of king Kong. 🌟 A must-see recommendation: 1. [Serry pagoda]. The most distinctive feature of the Longxing Temple is the 81-meter-high, the tower can overlook the Pengzhou City, in the old town of Pengzhou main streets can see the pagoda far. The building style of the tower body is unique in China, full of exotic flavor, is when the reconstruction, the abbot Nohhai Buddhist monk refers to India Bodhi Bodhi Jay Zhengjue Pagoda style built, a main tower, four turrets, Buddha statues total 1080. The bottom of the tower has a transverse tube on all sides, which is rare in the Handi Buddhist monastery, and it can be seen that the temple renovated into the style of each Buddhist school. The Di Palace at the bottom of the tower also worships the real Shakamoni, so here is also one of the 19 real Shakamoni in China. 2. [Celebrity Inscriptions] Visiting Longxing Temple, you will be surprised to find many famous inscriptions, among them the entrance of the main tower, the horse-savvy road inscription "Longxing Sheli Pagoda top"; The body of the Pagoda, the tenth Panchen Erdeni. But the title of the jijian Zan "South no auspicious Shakyamuni Buddha"; the abbot's room, the right title of the pagoda "Longxing Sheli" and so on. 📌小提示: 1. The main gate of the mountain gate is not open, and it is necessary to enter the temple from the side gate of the west. 2. You can drive in by yourself. There is a parking lot on the right hand side of the entrance. The parking fee is 2 yuan. You must pay cash. Cash can go to the incense place to scan WeChat for change. 3. To climb the tower, you must grasp the time, and not let it go at 4 p.m. When we went, it was 3:50 p.m., and the master of the tower refused to let him in. He said that he would go for at least 20 minutes, but he had to stop and return with regret. 4. Don't miss the inscription of the inscription of the Mobao by the Master of Fame. 📍 Detailed address: 1 Longxing North Road, Pengzhou, Chengdu 🕙Open time: 7:00am-17:00pm 💰 Ticket price: There is no charge to enter the temple, but the tower is 20 yuan (it is already very cheap!) # Take the baby and go on a journey #"
Qingyang PalaceNearby City

Qingyang Palace

4.3/5936 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 183 reviews
"Taoist Temple"
Ranked #3 in Chengdu Important Religious Institutions
52.4km from Dujiangyan ·
"Ask the person who rides the Qingyang, and see the yellow crane from the sky. After the closure of the Jiangnan leather factory, the yellow crane became a monk. After many years of practice in the Qingyang Palace, he finally drove to the west to make a beautiful talk. This is gossip. Qingyang Palace is one of the cultural landmarks of Chengdu, which is a must-see place for Chengdu travel. Small world, half a mu of Fangtang, but there is unlimited Taoism, is in the noisy city life, adding a good place to the mood of "doing nothing". 1. Location: subway directly, see the view from the station. 2. Open time: 9 to 5, Sichuan Province Taoist Association seems to be hidden in it. 3. Price: 10 yuan. 4. Characteristics: (1) Taoism concept, the source of missionary. Chengdu Dagu Heming Mountain is the birthplace of Taoism, from the nearest Dagu ancient metropolis is of course the best missionary. Qingyang Palace has a long history, built in the Zhou Dynasty, according to the legend Laozi once riding Qingniu in Hanguguan will be the moral sutra, because of something to go, the command: "Zi road thousands of days later in Chengdu Qingyang to find me. " So there is a thousand days later lectures Qingyang Palace, so, Qingyang Palace and Laozi riding the Qingyang cattle no money relationship, not the old gentleman drunk, the wrong ride, this mislead me for many years. Song Luyou wrote "20 li road incense, Qingyang Palace to the Huaxi" passed down the good sentence, it can be seen that the Qingyang Palace is very famous. (2) architectural characteristics. As a nationally-known Taoist temple, the scale system should of course be the benchmark of Taoist temple, all the temples and clay sculptures in Qingyang Palace are carefully selected, no god should worship and not worship, Laozi is of course the core here, but 24 gold fairy, eight fairy cross the sea, Doum star king, king Lingguan, The Queen Mother has everything, special because Tang Yuzong lucky to shelter and set up the Tang Wang Yu, although do not know if he really came, or in the day back to town on the road back to the home. "Analects" has training, old and not dead is a thief, but Laozi although old, but "old but not old", Chengdu because Li Bing water and warm, Chengdu people also bred "Tao law nature" comfortable mentality, thousands of years ago, now young people to "lie down" to inherit "do not do", is for inheritance. Quiet in the middle of noisy, when the green sheep, five-star recommendation."
Baiyan TempleNearby City

Baiyan Temple

4.2/561 Reviews
35.3km from Dujiangyan ·
"Baiyan Temple why is called Baiyan Temple, because its rock is white, you certainly do not know. Baiyan Temple recently fire batch explosion, because the tremor of the garbage net red this Buddhist door clean repair place fry, came a lot of Buddha ah. The nine son even apricot was bombed by various flashes, drones, probably wish he had a few leaves off, not let these vulgar people to annoy him. Location: Osaka Baiyan Village, a bit far, drive past Osaka City, but still have to walk for a while, the key is to enter the village at the entrance with heavy soldiers, no driving into! Because there are too many people, this Ginkgo's Golden Days, there are too many people too many cars, the narrow road inconvenience, the inside is more blocked than the West Second Ring Road elevated, so the town government called a group of people to help everyone park the car to the temple entrance and about 3km off the intersection, walk in. Of course there are villagers in the chicken bus can take, one person 10 yuan, there is a feeling of selling pigs. Disgruntled is, when you go to the end of the parking lot, many of the food sold there, but also to walk the small stone road at least 20 minutes to the temple door, so be ready for a walk. 2. Opening hours: Anytime, because the people who go to see the temple is not to see the temple, is to see the ginkgo, ginkgo is at the gate of the temple, anytime, and you can not go in the temple during the day, one is small, the other is the temple is Lama Temple, Tibetan Buddhism, They don't like the vulgars going in and insulting their masters in Zongkaba. 3. Price: Free, but parking is 10 yuan from the village entrance or temple entrance, which does not include the possibility that you will buy some of its white fruit and mountain vegetables. 4. Scenery: (1) nine sons of Lianxing. He is the male, I said him, meaning the male, the difference between male and female is that the male will not have white fruit, so the white fruit is sold on the back hill, so if you buy white fruit, and want to lust it is fairy fruit with blessing, maybe your wish can not be realized at all. The tree was large, because it was a cluster of nine trees, and in the middle it was flat, and before it was struck by the Thor with the axe of Leviathan, it could see the signs of collapse. I was a little disappointed that the cluster of trees looked no bigger than the one that was spectacular, it was not even the size of the sky-high maple tree in the nearby Heming Mountain, and the nine-child Lianxing was like the Kunming New Convention Exhibition, and it was no fun to compare with the Global Center who was Asia's largest single building. The ginkgo leaves are everywhere, that's all. (2) Baiyan Temple. The temple is small, poor, only one temple, without that ginkgo, it is estimated that it will not come a few fragrant guests in a year. But the history of this temple is very cowp, it is said that it was created by Photos and Guo Flang. Many people know these two people, but many people do not know them, most of the people who have been to Luoyang Baima Temple. Shiyuan Baima Temple is not much said, textbook illustrations, is the creation of these two Indian gods. It is not known that Baiyan Temple is actually their creation, and is the first Handi Tibetan temple, belong to the root of Miaohong, the founder, deep mountain Tibetan ancient temple, sigh how to decline is also the temple surnamed Bai. It is now being given a new addition, specifically the first abbot, the only one."