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Snow Mountains
Balangshan Panda Kingdom Point TopNearby City

Balangshan Panda Kingdom Point Top

4.8/523 Reviews
"Snow Mountain"
Ranked #20 in Wenchuan Can't Miss Attractions
102.3km from Ya'an ·
"A cup of coffee [cattle] [cattle] on the 4000m snow mountain, a picture of the mountain balang friday, got up to get the gold swallowing beast to school, ran to rui xing a cup of chalky, just bought, immediately came up with an idea, while watching the snow mountain, while drinking a cup of coffee. Bought Qiahui, immediately go home to pack, bring some food, buy barrel instant noodles, leave at 9 o'clock, arrive at the Balangshan Tunnel at 12 o'clock. Go to Siguniangshan Road and pass here many times, always directly tunnel past, today see the weather is OK, go to the mouth to the panda kingdom to see. There is snow on the top of the mountain, down to climb the mountain, walked two steps, forget it, the plateau still don't be stubborn and win, calm down to sit up on the car, music sounds, lunch eat up. Invincible snow mountain landscape restaurant, feel very good. After lunch, I saw the scenery on the mountain, and watched ー other cars pile up snowmen, then drove down the mountain, found a dam, the front of the car was facing the snow mountain, and saw the snow mountain take a nap, it was too cool. Afternoon, continue to look at the four little sisters cat nose, then road back to the house, on the road saw the wild flowers on the mountain basically open, or down to take a few photos. Return, to Yingxiu, high-speed road closure, national highway detour Zipingpu reservoir, traffic jams and comfort, along the road countless car gods drive to two lanes of the opposite to the lane, from Yingxiu opened more than 2 hours to go from Dujiangyan Yutang high speed, return journey opened 5 hours to the perfect baby."