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Queen Mary

Queen Mary

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32.8km from city centre
"The Queen Mary, originally a bow cruise ship, was launched in 1936. It took four days to cross the Atlantic Ocean and was the fastest cruise ship at the time; October 31, 1976 The Queen Mary arrived in Long Beach, California, and completed its last voyage. Long Beach purchased the Queen Mary, which has since been anchored at the Long Beach Pier and transformed into a floating hotel. Address: 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90802. Queen Mary, also translated as Queen Mary or Queen Mary. There is no queen or queen in Britain, so why is it called the Queen? According to legend, the cruise ship was named after Mary, the wife of King George V. The Queen Mary, full name: Victoria Mary Louise Olga Claudius Angus von Teck. Born in Kensington Palace, London on May 26, 1867, his father is Francis, Duke of Teck, and his mother Mary Adelaide is the daughter of the seventh son of King George III, the Duke of Cambridge, and the chapel of Queen Victoria. sister. Since she was born in May, her nickname in the family is "May". This Queen Mary has the title Queen of England and Queen of India, so the cruise ship is called Queen or Queen. Many years later, this hotel also exhibited: "Diana: The Princess's Legacy". Many years later, I wrote: My lightness, my weight, my sandalwood fan, my tornado My phoenix nirvana and the flames of nirvana, my three-shot haircut My sensitivity, sensitive points, the source of all my compassion and happiness"