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Baiyang Lake

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Recommended sightseeing time:1 hour
Baiyang Lake, Cixi, Ningbo, ChinaMap

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This Baiyang Lake is in Ningbo. When I went there, the lake was being renovated. The bottom of the lake was dredged. Fir piles were being built on the shore. The lake scenery is so beautiful. There is also a small bridge nearby. It is very recommended.


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Additional Information


Baiyang Lake, known as Jiuyang Lake in ancient times, is located in the southwest of Minghe Ancient Town in Cixi. According to historical records, Baiyang Lake is an ancient lagoon, formed during the Han Dynasty, with an area of 1,700 mu. In Tang Jinglongzhong (707-709), Emperor Zhongzong Li Xian dreamed at night that Bailong was trapped in Yaobei Shoal, and ordered Zhang Bijiang, magistrate of Yuyao County, to build Baiyang Lake and communicate with Duhu Lake. During the reign of Emperor Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty, Ye Tianlin, a native of Yi, invested in and changed the old lake with stones. At the end of the Qing Dynasty and after the liberation, it was strengthened and built many times. The West-like charm of Baiyang Lake and the unpretentiousness of pure jade are embedded in the mountains, with vast smoke and water birds. Yao Xie, a poet in the late Qing Dynasty, once left a poem saying "The water is empty without shadows, and the sky is floating. The attractiveness of Baiyang Lake is also that it contains strong historical and cultural relics. The famous Buddhist master Hongyi Master (commonly known as Li Shutong) once resided in Xijinxian Temple; the large-scale revolutionary martyrs' cemetery at the foot of Lake West is buried in Cixi of the Communist Party of China. Nearly 100 martyrs, including Zheng Xiahu, head of the county party committee organization, Shen Bangqi and Shen Yifei, commissioner of the Ningshao Tai Agricultural Association; across the lake from the martyrs' cemetery is the tomb of Wu Jintang, sitting north to the south, in front of the tomb is engraved Wu Jintang's biography and self-written couplet: "For love Lakes and mountains are worthy of being buried, no matter Feng Shui, but only by heart.” From this, we can see his deep love for his homeland.
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