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Guanhaiwei City

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Ancient Settlement
Open all day Open 24 hours
Recommended sightseeing time:3-4 hours
Dongguan Haiwei Town, Cixi City, Ningbo CityMap

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Guanchengweishan was the battlefield where Qi Jiguang used to fight against the Japanese. It has a fort, a cave, and a park below, but it is the Temple of the City God. Street food and facade snacks are affordable and delicious! Going south is the Jinxian Temple connected to Minghe Ancient Town. If you want to eat shepherd's purse and rice cake dumplings and sweet plum dumplings, they are especially delicious! After a lap, you can go east to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the lake and then to the beautiful Shangjin Lake. Take a cruise to the thatched cottage. It is best to bring some snacks, watch the beautiful scenery and chat, as well as the Yue Kiln ruins and museums! Go further along the road and you will get to Weiwei Mountain, where you can win by climbing the mountain! All classics are free!


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Guanhaiwei, an important business town in the eastern part of Cixi, has an extraordinary history. In ancient times, it was located at the turn of land and sea, and the situation was dangerous. In the Song Dynasty, garrison troops had been set up to control the sea road. In the early Ming Dynasty, sea troubles were frequent. In the nineteenth year of Hongwu (1386), Zhu Yuanzhang sent his founding father Tang He to the coast to build a military fortress. The military guard is named Guanhaiwei because "the city is formed and the sea is in front". Because Guanhaiwei is a city built according to the requirements of coastal defense, all its designs are for war. For example, its square city has four gates, outside the gate there is a shielded urn city, and there is a water gate inside the urn city. The besieged city has enemy towers, police stations, and moats to protect it. It is really heavily guarded and inviolable. According to legend, there are Thirty-sixth Street and Seventy-two Lane in the city. "Official Road" is paved with large stone slabs, which are wide enough to be paralleled by five horses. The alleys are intertwined into various combat terrains, and there has always been a legend that "every street is a bunker, and every road has a dark post".
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